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:: What Makes Us Different

What Makes Us Different

We look at the business of banking & finance from a completely different perspective.

We have observed that financial services offered by most financial institutions to the informal sector – which constitutes a greater majority of the clients we serve, have not taken into account the peculiar needs of this sector. Hence there remains a large number of unbanked persons in this group and also a high incidence of loan default, arising from lenders not fully understanding the businesses of their borrowing clients.

At BEIGE Capital (BC), we have packaged and structured our services to ensure that we deliver a service that perfectly suits the needs of our esteemed clients.

The many ways in which we do this include;

Structuring our financing packages in a way that results in a continuous improvement in our clients’ business and a win-win relation for clients and us.

  • Training our staff and also applying practices that help us to better understand our clients’ businesses.
  • Making loan repayments – both amount and timing – very flexible and less stressful for clients.
  • Locating our branches at as many places as possible for the convenience of our clients.
  • Designing the interior of our offices to ensure that individuals from across all classes of society – low income, high income, able, disabled, etc – can transact business with us in a respectable atmosphere where their privacy is preserved.


Our Capabilities

1. We understand finance and are practical in our approach to credit management

At BEIGE Capital, we believe that for any finance institution to succeed, they (the lender) must understand and accept that both the personal and social circumstances of individual clients have a direct impact on their businesses thus, failure to take account of, and develop plans for that, could lead to inaccurate decisions which could negatively affect the institutions performance.
We pride ourselves in the fact that we do not only give loans to our clients, but structure our loan repayments such that they suit the peculiar needs of each client and their business. Instead of forcefully demanding payments from our clients in times of default – as is the norm with some institutions – we rather engage them in discussions with the objective of finding out ‘why the default’. This approach gives us the opportunity to understand the reasons why they are in default and this helps us to adopt the most appropriate actions to remedy the situation. This is fundamental to us as we believe that there should always be a win-win situation for both lender and borrower.

2. We can manage and disburse credit funds on behalf of international or local financial institutions

We are also skilled at managing micro credit funds on behalf of local and international institutions, which have funds to disburse but do not want to deal directly with the intended beneficiaries. Such funds may be grants or other commercial credit arrangements meant for beneficiaries, such as farmers unions, trading groups, etc. Using our strict, comprehensive, practical credit management systems, coupled with our understanding of the micro finance market, we are able to provide such funds management services with absolute ease.

3. We train our clients to improve upon their business management skills

It is a known fact that most businesses in the informal sector are not well structured. The reality is that most entrepreneurs at that level do not understand business management well enough, to determine the kind of financing their businesses require for growth. Our Credit Analysts are well trained to study and analyze each business and provide financial solutions, which best suit the needs of such businesses. Through our frequently organized business clinics, most of our clients have come to appreciate the importance of simple business management principles such as record keeping, budgeting, customer care and more.

4. We engage in venture partnerships

There are a growing number of small businesses which have the potential for growth but are not able to attract capital for many reasons including the lack of collateral. Over the years we have built capacity in advancing loans to such businesses in a manner that sees BC entering into management partnerships with the client as a way of protecting and managing the risks involved in the venture. We are still developing various ways through which we can further advance this business model.