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At BEIGE Capital we believe that our success depends on our ability to maintain a diverse, resourceful and dynamic workforce to serve our customers. We have over the years employed a strong policy to source, attract, develop and retain the best talents. We strive to recruit, grow and retain highly-motivated workforce nurtured by an enabling environment who will share a commitment in our objectives.

We believe that bringing together individuals with different views, ideas and experiences will help us work to the highest standards of professional experience and integrity. Aspiring to be one of the industry’s best, we offer great careers to people with talent, passion and analytical skills for solving problems and preferring solutions.

For further concerns, contact;

Talent Management Deparment
Head of Unit : Christian Yao Asemsro

BEIGE Capital is open to discussing internship opportunities with established institutions to admit suitable candidates. We’re in the right markets, with the right strategy, and have the right leadership and people to continue our journey of growth.