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Investor Relations

Customer service is an important feature in our operations; it is believed that even the world’s most unique product cannot survive at a giveaway price, if that company has no regard for its customers. At BEIGE Capital, customer service is not seen as a function of a department but rather everyone’s responsibility to ensure they provide the highest quality of service that exceeds customer expectation.

Our approach to customer service is a holistic one that starts with our physical appearance, runs through our processes and finally ends with our people. In considering the location of our branches for instance, our primary emphasis was convenience of our clients. In designing the interiors of our banking halls, we further considered the privacy of our clients thus: we introduced business lounges as part of our banking halls where the client’s needs are discussed without interrupting normal banking business or compromising their privacy.

Each staff at BEIGE Capital understands this and is continuously encouraged not only to subscribe to this but to live it.

Illustration below is our Customer Service Architecture: